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Who we are 

A family tradition.

Warm hospitality cultivated over generations.

My parents Carole and Michel von Siebenthal have been running the Alpenrose for over 30 years with a lot of heart and soul and passion. They have always faced the risks of the times with courage and have been successful to this day: the Alpenrose navigates into the future like a safe ship and does not capsize even on big waves. The two have experienced many wonderful moments, nice people and successful years in the Alpenrose - but also economically difficult times, crises and pandemics that have rocked the ship. And yet the two have never lost courage and have put a lot of work and diligence into their life's work day in and day out.

A lot changes, but one thing remains the same: At the Alpenrose, warm hospitality is always a top priority.

I, Yasmin (Carole and Michel's daughter), have been on board for several years and have experienced many beautiful and intense moments in our Bijou. The three of us form a balanced team that can rely on each other and that balances the calm and experience of the parents with the motivation and strength of the boys.

And so we are now taking the next step: I have decided to take the helm of the Alpenrose and to honour the family tradition in the fourth generation. A gentle, gradual handover is underway and I am happy and grateful that I can continue to count on the valuable support of my parents in the near future.


How it started...

What began as a modest pension in 1907 was acquired by Oswald and Ida von Siebenthal in 1947 has remained in the family ever since. Grandmother Ida was already known for her good cooking and guests traveled from far away for her incomparable "Nidlechueche". Son Fredy completed his cooking apprenticeship with the father of the famous Fredy Girardet and brought nouvelle cuisine to the Bernese Oberland. Together with his wife Monika, he took over the family business in 1961 and led the Alpenrose into the league of Swiss top chefs. Every mid-season, the house has been invested in and renovated. Unfortunately, Fredy von Siebenthal died of heart failure before he was 50, leaving behind Monika and five young children. With the support of many regular guests and loyal employees, Monika had the courage to continue to run the business with passion. When son Michel completed his apprenticeship as a chef in the well-known Real in Vaduz and completed his apprenticeship and travel years with top chefs in France, Belgium and Canada, it was clear to him that he would soon take over his parents' business. The marriage to Marie-Carole Buck in 1988 and the major extension and renovation of the hotel in 1989 brought the Alpenrose into a new era. The small pension has become a stately hotel with 20 spacious rooms in a traditional chalet style.

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