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Kunstausstellung im Hotel Alpenrose

von Antina von Siebenthal

Finden Sie in unserem Haus einige Ausstellungsmodelle der Künstlerin Antina von Siebenthal.

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Antina bild.jpg

About me

My name is Antina von Siebenthal and I grew up in Schönried/Gstaad in Switzerland. Born into a hotelier family my way lead into the hotel business as well. I studied business administrations and worked for a few years in different hotels, real estate companies and other administration jobs. Before doing so, I have studied art for one year at “CEPV – centre d’enseignement professionnel de Vevey”.

In 2016 I moved to Sweden and currently live in Stockholm. I have the great opportunity to be able to follow my dreams.

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